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Padhuka Mandapam


Govindapuram, the holy place in Aaduthurai near Kumbakonam is famous for the Adhishtanam (Jeeva Samaadhi) of Shri Bagavannama Bodhendra Saraswathi swamigal, who came in the sacred lineage of Jagadguru Shri Aadi Shankaracharya.

Shri Bodhendra Sadhguru who pioneered the Nama sidhdhantha is worshipped by a large number of devotees in this beautiful village of serene atmosphere. Rama nama japam and attending annual aradhana festival at adhishtanam gives an incomparable happiness to each and every devotee’s heart.

By the Grace of Shri Bodhendra Sadhguru, Chaitanya Kuteeram, Shri Pandurangan Temple and Mahaperiyava Thapovanam have come up around the area and endless bhakthas are blessed to receive the spiritual gain throughout the year. We are fortunate to receive the grace of all saints at one place.

In this way, the Padhuka Mantapam for Paramahamsa Parivrajakacharya Shri Sadhguru Gnanananda Giri swamiji, disciple of Shri Shivaratna Giri swamiji of Kashmir Jyothir mutt established by Shri Thotakacharya (Author of Thotakashtakam) the principle disciple of Shri Aadi shankaracharya, is coming up with his grace at the banks of Holy river Cauvery at Govindapuram.

Sadhguru Shri Gnanananda Giri swamiji did severe penance in Himalayas, traveled all over the World with his spiritual power, lead a true, simple and exemplary Sanyasa life and respected by many contemporary saints and called as Sadhgurunathar by them. He identified several Gnanis and Yogis and directed many devotees to them to receive their grace.

He emphasized that Namasankeerthanam is the surest and simplest way towards Lord and called upon his devotees to sing songs composed by saints. His extraordinary compassion towards all without any discrimination, made him approachable at all the time and devotees continue to receive his grace even today. His adhishtam is situated at Thapovanam, Thirukovilur at the banks of Then Penai river.

The proposed place for Paduka Mantapam is surrounded by many holy Shrines, revered and sung by Alwars and Nayanmars and this holy cause was blessed and initiated by none other than H.H. Maharanyam Guruji Shri Shri Muralidhara Swamiji.

We, Shri Guru Vittal Seva Trust, are dedicating ourselves to this sacred cause to construct a Padhuka Mantapam for Sadhgurunathar at Govindapuram and the cost of the Land and building works out to Rs.4 crores (Rupees Four Crores.)

We humbly call up on all the devotees, family members, friends and corporate people to participate in this cause and donate liberally to make this effort fruitful.

The contributions vide Cheque and DD’s shall be in favor of Shri Guru Vittal Seva Trust only.


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